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Everyone is welcome to take a look at our office showroom in person.

We have the following setup here:

1. Four Display Outputs Graphics Workstation - three outputs connect to LCDs and one output connect to Projector(as shown in "Figure 1"). Every output has been calibrated and works with its own profile.

2. "What You See Is What You Get"( WYSIWYG) Solution is setup by using 15 inch Macbook Pro with Notebook hood, 30 inch Apple Cinema Display with Machood, GTI Professional Desktop Viewer(Color Temperature:5000k) with Dimmer for Light Source Luminance Adjustment(as shown in "Figure 2").

Figure 2
Figure 1
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Projector Screen
LCD Monitor x 3 sets
15 inch Macbook Pro                 30 inch Apple Cinema Display              GTI Professional Desktop Viewer

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