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Benefits of our Printout Service?

The Pigment Inkjet Printer with Three Level Black Ink technology is using for our Printout Service.

1.With the Pigment ink technology, it improves both color and black and white prints. It performs an extremely wide color gamut, gloss level and scratch resistance printout.

2.With the Three Level Black Ink technology, the printer can reproduce the Highest Quality Neutral and Toned printout. Also, it can reproduce Excellent B&W Image with Superior Shadows and Highlights.

3.The Longevity of printout: Lightfastness ratings of up to 108 years for color and over 200 years for black and white under rigorous industry accepted display conditions*

*Print permanence ratings based on accelerated testing of printout on specialty media, displayed indoors, under glass by the printer vendor. Actual print stability will vary according to printer, media, printed image, display conditions, light intensity, humidity, and atmospheric conditions. Unify Color Ltd. does not guarantee longevity of printout. For maximum print life, display all prints under glass or lamination or properly store them.

4.Support Panorama Prinout: "Figure 1" is an example with aspect ratio at 3.3:1. "Figure 2" is an example with aspect ratio at 6.8:1

Clients who are looking for an Excellent Quality Printout Service are very Welcome!

Right now, we only offer the following paper types for our Printout Service:

Premium Glossy Photo Paper, Premium Semi Glossy Photo Paper, Premium Luster Photo Paper

Figure 1
Figure 2

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