Spectrophotometer "Manual and Automatic"
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User's Typical
manual spectrophotometer
UC's Industry leading
automatic spectrophotometer


Fairly Good


Patches per A4 paper size

288 patches(RGB) or 225 patches(RGB)
(different patches from different vendors)

924 patches(RGB)
(Default for Measurement)

Patches per A3 paper size


2,226 patches(RGB)
(Default for Measurement)

A4 paper size: Maximum number of pages and patches

1. total 2 pages with 918 patches(RGB)
2. total 3 pages with 729 patches(RGB)
(different patches from different vendors)

Total 18 pages with 11,700 patches(RGB)
A3 paper size: Maximum number of pages and patches

Total 7 pages with 11,466 patches(RGB)
Optimize measurement on Optical Brighteners type papers



Optical Brightening Agents (OBA) Compensation



Integrate Viewing Light Source info into the Printer Profile



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Remark*1 - Client can also specify different page numbers for different patch numbers measurement.

Remark*2 - Paper manufacturers put Optical brighteners into paper in order to make a paper look "whiter", they are also called Optical Brightening Agents (OBA).  Examples of paper with OBA in it are office plain paper, Epson Premium Matte, Luster, Glossy, etc., and most other brands of commercial inkjet paper.

                    To optimize the measurement on Optical brighteners type papers for Printer Profiles:

                   We use the Industry leading spectrophotometer can measure with UVcut and UV during the same
                    measurement of a page. The spectrophotometer has two different light sources:

                               One utilizes normal visible light to create the UVcut measurement file.
                               One utilizes UV light only to create the UV measurement file.

                    We also use the Profile creator software which has a software algorithm can automatically detect optical
                    brighteners and corrects the effects in the profile.

Remark*3 - If you have got a Professional Viewer for Proofing, its Color Temp. is not 5000k, you can inform us. We will pick up the closest Color Temp. in the list here and integrate this info in your Printer Profile for your Proofing Purpose.
Finally, to delivery the best quality for our clients, we insist on using the Industry leading spectrophotometer and software for Profile Calibration. Your Printer should give you different impression after our calibration.
In practice, more patches provide more accuracy on the Printer Gamut information. It  improves the Printout details specially at the extreme Gradation of the Lightness and Darkness Color Tone.   

More patches!
More Details!

The left side example shows the different Printout results by using "Fewer patches" and "More patches" Printer Profile.

Obviously, the highlight details(Gradation) of bridal wedding dress by using "Fewer patches" Printer Profile cannot be reproduced, it just seems like over exposure and the data loss at such areas.

But it can be reproduced by using "More patches" Printer Profile.

Now you know more patches for generating printer profile can benefit more printout details!