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Macbook Pro-Windows 7

Screen size: 15 inch
OS: Windows 7

Left hand side: Macbook Pro LCD without Profile
Right hand side: Macbook Pro LCD with UnifyColor Calibrated Profile

Comparison Comments: Obviously, Left hand side Color is very Bluish(Color Temperature over 7000k) and over brightness(the preset Luminance is over 300 cd/m2, it is be reduced to around 120cd/m2 after profile calibration).

*N.B. these pictures are just for your reference. You may not see the difference about what we comment here if you monitor had never been calibrated appropriately.*

*Typically, the Color Temperature of LCD Monitor/Notebook LCD is preset at around 7000k and the Luminance is over 250 cd/m2* 

               Left: LCD without Profile                                                Right: LCD with UnifyColor Calibrated Profile

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LCD Profile Curve Shape Before Calibration and After Calibration.

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