Who should require our Assistance?

If you have one of the following wishes being listed here:

In General

- You own a standard spectrophotometer for Monitor and Printer Profile Calibration - but - no good!

- Want to get Professional advice on the Color Management devices before you purchase?

- Want your home Printout Color to match the Monitor Color?

- Want to solve the Color Shifting issue?

- Want to Improve or Enhance the Printout Color Quality of your Printer?

- Want to create a brilliant profile for your printer?

- Want to create a Color Reproduction Solution for Product Shot by using Digital Camera?

- Want to create a brilliant profile for Desktop LCD Monitor/Laptop LCD?

- Want to fine tune AV Solution Display(LCD TV/Plasma TV/Projector) target at: 6500k, Gamma 2.2, Luminance 120-150cd/m2? 

- Want to buy a Custom-made Graphics Workstation?

- Want to buy a Custom-made total solution(Workstation,Display,Monitor hood, Printer and Preview lightbox)?

- Want to obtain a High Quality Printout Service(includes Panorama)?

- Want to buy Professional Monitor hood(for LCD Monitor, Laptop and All-in-One Desktop)?

- Want to use Multi-Monitor Profiles Solution under Windows Platforms(Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7)?

For Corporate Client

- Want to show your clients the original color of company products during Presentation by using LCD TV/Plasma TV/Projector?
- Want to deliver a Printout copy, which color is matching with your Presentation, for your clients?

- Want to use LCD Monitor/LCD TV/Plasma TV to display a consistent color for Product Demonstration under different Light Sources(eg. Color Temp. at 3200k,6000k,6500k)?

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