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Download the Unify Color Reference Picture below:

Unify Color Reference Picture(JPG format - 3.5MB)

Unify Color Reference Picture(TIFF format - 21MB)

You are welcome to collect a Free copy printout of the above reference file at our office.
With it, you can compare with your exisitng printer's printout color and your monitor's color.
If you find they are quite different, we can correct it for you!

Contact us if you want to order our calibration services.

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Printer Profile - Testchart
Page number

Standard A4 size(RGB - 924 patches) - 1 page
Standard A4 size(RGB - 1,848 patches) - 2 pages
Standard A3 size(RGB - 2,226 patches) - 1 page

*If you want different combinations, please kindly give us a call or email us your requirement.*

e.g. A4 size(1 page) with 924 patches(RGB)

e.g. A3 size(1 page) with 2,226 patches(RGB)

Download the Printer Profile TestChart below:
*Attention for Overseas Customers sending us the TestChart Targets *

1.If you are using Inkjet Printer, to make sure the color patches of the Testchart Targets should be printed as solid and clean.

Please do "Print Head Alignment", "Nozzle Check" and "Head Cleaning" before printing.
2.Seal the Testchart Targets with a plactic bag to against raining or water.

3.Send the Testchart Targets without folding(for example: you can protect it with a hard carton paper).

4.Specify the Printer Model, Media Type, the Operating System and the Application Software. Then we can name your profile easily(for example: Epson 3880, Luster paper, Mac OS X 10.6, Adobe CS4).

5.Provide your "Viewing Light Source" information if you have got a Professional Viewer. Otherwise, we use D50 as a default light source to integrate into your printer profile.
6.Provide your Email address for:

   i.inform you once we have received your Testchart Targets
   ii.inform you about your payment confirmation
   iii.send you the measured profiles

7.Profiles are usually built within 8 hours after receiving the payment confirmation.