Printout Quality Comparison:
Epson T50 Inkjet Printer and Typical Express Print shop

Printer Paper type: Epson Preminum Glossy Paper (A6)

Left hand side: "Fotoxxx" Express Print shop-Direct Output
Right hand side: Printout use UnifyColor Calibrated Profile

Comparison Comments: Obviously, Left hand side printout is a little bit Yellowish, Red/Green Gamut are not good enough and the highlight area being printed is over its original brightness(eg. the Black and White baby picture).

That's why there are still a lot of people spend their time to print photos at home or seeking Expert Printing House for Color Reproduction of their photos due to Quality is their 1st Priority.  

*N.B. these pictures are just for your reference. You may not see the difference about what we comments here if you monitor had never been calibrated appropriately.*

                Left: "Fotoxxx" Express Print shop                          Right: Epson T50 Printout with UnifyColor Profile
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