Q3: How frequent should I repeat to measure the Monitor Profile?

A: This doesn't come with a fix answer yet, it depends on your situation.

- Some Color Critical Business companies, people usually calibrate their monitors every morning;
- Some Printing houses, people usually calibrate their monitors twice per week;
- Some Photographers usually calibrate their monitors every 2 weeks;
- Some users calibrate their monitors once for ever.

What we suggest here is to calibrate your monitor on monthly basis. If you can't keep this practice, at least do it every two months to minimize the Monitor aging effect.

Also, we suggest to re-calibrate your Monitor Profile under the situations below:

- After you change your Operating System at the same Computer;
- After you update your VGA card driver;
- After you upgrade your Computer hardware such as motherboard and Power Supply, except the VGA card;
- After you change the cable between the VGA card and Monitor;
- After you stay in a new place geographically for certain period of time(since instability of voltage affects VGA output signal).

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