Q: If I have already owned a standard colorimeter/spectrophotometer for Monitor profile creation, should I use Unify Color(UC) Profile Calibration Services? What are the improvements?

A: You may be recommended by other people or website to calibrate your Monitor Profile at "ColorTemp.: 6500k, Gamma 2.2, Brightness:120cd/m2". But without any reference printout comparison under a professional viewer which light source is fulfill international standard, how do you verify this recommended parameters are the correct setting for your Monitor? 

For using UC Monitor Profile Calibration Service, UC is using the Industry leading spectrophotometer hardware and advanced software for Monitor Profile measurement. UC will also compare the customer Monitor's Color with UC standard Printout's Color under GTI Professional Desktop Viewer at 5000k Color Temperature.
With this comparison, our experience can conclude that the parameter setting statement "ColorTemp.: 6500k, Gamma 2.2, Brightness:120cd/m2" is not 100% correct.
In fact, UC found that base on the combination of different Operating Systems and different Monitor Models, should use different parameter settings for optimizing Monitor Profiles. The various range of parameters such as "ColorTemp. range: 5000k~6500k, Gamma range: 1.8~2.2, Brightness range: 100~120cd/m2" are our practice indication for your reference.

Finally, to delivery the best quality for our clients, we insist on using the Industry leading spectrophotometer and software for Profile Calibration. Your Monitor should give you different impression after our calibration.
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