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By default, Unify Color(UC) staffs do Color Checking Comparison by Eyes after finishing the Profile Calibration on our customer's devices.

To achieve an outstanding performance on the Color Checking Comparison, we must make sure that the eyes of our staffs can verify the Color Differentiation at Extreme High Level. The following pictures as shown is an example of the testing result which being achieved by our Sales Manager "Anthony Lee", he finished this Color IQ Test Perfectly. That's why we can provide outstanding performance among others with our outstanding staffs. It is also a reason why our clients have no doubt to trust our Color Checking judgement.  

The Environment setup for him to do the Color IQ Test: Windows XP 32 bit, Internet Explorer 8, Ambient Light Source Color Temperature at 5000k, UC custom-made Graphics Workstation(Core-i7, Display up to 6 outputs), Dell U2410(24 inch IPS LCD) with UC Monitor Profile Calibration and Professional Monitor hood.
How Do People See Color?

Do the Color IQ Test by rearrange the Hue Order here by yourself:

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